Pokemon XY Episode 5 Watch Online

  • At the beginning of the episode, 5 ash reach Santalune city for his first gym battle.
  • They meat Viola which is the gym leader of Santalune gym.
  • Serena is also reached Santalune gym by following Ash.
  • In his first Gym battle at Kalos region as choosing Pikachu as his first pokemon against Viola’s Surskit.
  • Pikachu defeated by the Surskit then Ash chooses Fletchling against Surskit.
  • Serena reaches at Santalune gym to meat Ash.
  • Fletchling defeated Surskit then Viola chooses Vivillon as his second pokemon.
  • Vivillon defeated Fletchling and ash could not win his first Badge in Pokemon XY episode 5.
  • Serena introduces herself to Ash and reminds him when they meat the first time.


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