Pokemon XY Episode 15 Watch Online

  • At the beginning of episode, 15 of Pokemon XY Ash and his friend did not reach at the pokemon center at night so they decided to campaign in the forest and stay there.
  • Clemont’s┬áChespin eats all of their food and therefore his tummy is full.
  • Ash and Clemont do a friendly battle and Chespin badly loses that match because of eating extra food.
  • After that Bonnie wants to fight with Chespin and Chespin also losses that match.
  • Chespin run and go into a house there is a lady who gives him more food and she wants that Chespin fight for him in a pokemon match with his husband.
  • Clemont helps Chespin in battle and after that Chespin wants to fight in the pokemon match and at last Chespin win.


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