VEGETA is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race and one of the main character of the Dragon Ball series. He is the eldest son of Vegeta III, the older brother of Tarble, the husband of Bulma, the father of Trunks and Bulla, and the root of Vegeta Jr. Alongside Goku, Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo, he is easily one of the most prominent characters in the series, receiving more character development after being introduced than a number of other characters. He and GOKU is always a competitor to each other so this competition helps to increase their powers.

history about vegeta

  • Regal, egotistical, and full of pride, Vegeta was once a ruthless, cold-blooded warrior and outright killer, but later abandons his role in the Frieza Force, instead opting to remain and live on Earth, fighting alongside the universe’s most powerful warrior, specifically with the mission to defeat and surpass Goku in power. His character evolves from villain to anti-hero, to a hero through the course of the series.
  • Vegeta and Bulma initially met on planet Namek, but they neither actually talked to each other. Bulma was too frightened, and Vegeta did not care, especially when his main purpose was to find the Dragon Balls. Their first interaction with each other was prior to his rematch with Zarbon, to which Vegeta threatened to kill both Bulma and Krillin. The first time any affection is displayed between them is in “Immortality Denied”, in which Vegeta, during a conversation with Gohan, refers to Bulma as a “Gorgeous Girl” in the Ocean Group dubs. The first hint of Bulma’s attraction to Vegeta is right after Goku’s battle with Frieza and Planet Namek’s destruction, in which Bulma told Vegeta she thought he was cute and he should lighten up a bit, much to his bafflement. Then Bulma and Vegeta fall in love with each other.


history about vegeta

  • Vegeta comes to Earth when he receives Raditz’s dying report of seven magic objects known as the Dragon Balls which will grant wishes. After hearing this report, and of Raditz’s death, Vegeta and his companion, Nappa, decide to come to Earth and use the Dragon Balls to wish for immortality. From here his journey on earth is started. At starting his appear as a villain after that he become a hero just like Goku he helps Goku in many battles.


Vegeta is a slim yet well-built man of a below-average stature. His hair is black spiky and it firmly stands upwards and has a prominent widow’s peak. Like most Saiyans, he possesses defined eyes with a near-consistently stern look to them and his hair is a shade of black. Like other Universe 7 Saiyans, he was born with a prehensile brown-furred tail, until it was permanently cut off by Yajirobe.

When he appears in the Prison Planet Saga, Vegeta is back to wearing his Resurrection ‘F’ armor, but with a Capsule Corp logo in place of Whis’ symbol. He also has small white leg paddings handing at his hips.

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