Pokemon Series Trainer Details


Here are some details about Ash. Ash Ketchum is the main character in pokemon series, and it is known as Santoshi in japan because Santoshi is created him. He always goes on an adventure trip with his favorite pokemon Pikachu. And Pikachu is one of the most likable characters in cartoon history.


Here are some details about Brock. He is first as gym leader of rock gym. Then he meets with ash and goes with him on a journey. He is a good cook he generally cooks delicious food on journey. He is a wise and very intelligent character. And he generally falls for girls in pokemon series. And he is a very good rock type, pokemon trainer.


Misty is a water-type pokemon trainer. Just like ash carries Pikachu with him, misty carries Togepi.Misty journey with Ash through Kanto and the Johto League. At last, she decided to return home to preside over her family’s Gym.


The character of Serena is from Hoenn league. Serena is former traveling companion of Ash. Serena’s First pokemon is Fennekin.In the beginning, she was practicing for Rhyhorn racing but she is not intrusting in that.


Here are some details about Dawn. Dawn is from Twinleaf Town and a former traveling companion of Ash and Brock. Dawn’s first pokemon is Piplup which is a water-type pokemon. Her main rival with Zoey. After Ash competed in the Sinnoh League, she refuses to go with ash in Kanto.

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