Best Water Type Pokemon In Kanto Region

Water type pokemon is strong against fire type and we all know that. Kanto region is the first region of the pokemon journey where Ash starts his journey to become a pokemon master. In Kanto region Ash’s partner in his journey is Misty and Brok and Misty are a water type pokemon trainer. Water type pokemon do many powerful attacks like Hydro Pump. Water type pokemon also very strong against rock type pokemon. So it’s a good choice to choose a water type starter pokemon. In the Kanto region, many powerful water pokemon we see so let’s talk about them.



Best water type pokemon in kanto region

  • So here is our first best water type pokemon from the Kanto region. A big and heavy and most powerful water type pokemon this is. Blastoise is the final form of Squirtle. Blastoise has a strong shall on his back. Blastoise speed and power are very high. Ash caught a Squirtle in the Kanto region but it did not evolve in Blastoise. Blastoise is one of the most powerful pokemon in the Kanto region.


Best water type pokemon in kanto region

  • Gyarados is looked like a snake in water. And trust me Gyarados is very powerful. Gyarados is an evolving form of Magikarp and nobody thaught that Magikarp is evolved into that powerful pokemon. Gyarados is used a hyper beam also which is a very powerful attack. Gyarados mostly find in rivers and seas. They have rarely seen in the wild.


Best water type pokemon in kanto region

  • On number third in best water type pokemon in the Kanto region is Golduck. It’s a very beautiful pokemon I think. Golduck is an evolving form of Psyduck. Misty has a Psyduck too. Golduck is a powerful pokemon and we rarely have seen Golduck in the Kanto region. Golduck uses a Confusion attack which is a psychic move.


Best water type pokemon in kanto region

  • Lapras is ice and water type pokemon. Lapras able to carry a heavyweight on his back. Ash caught a Lapras too and Ash and his friend travel on Lapras’s back. Lapras not only use for travel it is a very powerful pokemon in the Kanto region. Lapras win many battles for Ash. There is no data available in the pokemon series for Lapras evolution. Lapras love to carry people on it’s back. Lapras use Ice beam and Water gun both they both are good attack.Lapras speed is increased in water.


Best water type pokemon in kanto region

  • Tentacruel is looked like a scary pokemon. Tentacruel is water and poison type pokemon. He also use Poison Sting like attacks. It is evolve from Tentacool. Tentacool have only two hands but Tentacruel has many hands. Tentacruel’s power and speed are good. The tentacles are normally kept short. On hunts, they are extended to ensnare and immobilize prey.
  • So here is a list of All Best Water Type Pokemon in Kanto Region

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