Best Fire Type Pokemon in Kanto Region

Fire-type Pokemon in Kanto region is best I think because we see pokemon like Charizard which is a very powerful fire type pokemon in the Kanto region. Not only Charizard there are many more powerful fire type starter pokemon in the Kanto region. If a new trainer chooses a fire type starter pokemon then it’s been not easy for him/her to train a fire type pokemon because fire type starter pokemon is stubborn. So if you choose any fire type pokemon as a starter then think carefully.


  • We will talk about Charizard and tell you all that it’s a very strong pokemon in the list of Best fire type pokemon in the Kanto region. Charizard is the final evolve form of Charmander. A fire is always burning on Charizard tail and it’s getting bigger when it gets angry. Ash also caught a Charmander in Kanto region and it’s evolved into Charizard later and it’s one of the Ash’s top 5 strongest pokemon. It’s a dragon pokemon and he split flame by his mouth.


  • Ninetales is an evolved form of Vulpix when we use firestone on vulpix then it evolve into Ninetales. We called him Ninetales because he has nine tales. It’s a very beautiful pokemon and we saw Ninetales very rere in pokemon. It looks like a fox. Its speed and power of fighting are very good and trust me we rarely see Ninetales but I think it’s one of the best fire type pokemon in the Kanto region.


  • In the list of best fire type pokemon in the Kanto region at number three is Magmar. Magmar is a little scary pokemon. It’s attack are powerful and also it’s Defense is very strong. Magmar is evolving from Magby and after that, it is evolving into Magmortar. So Magmar is the second form of Magby. Magmar’s all body cover by a flame. So it looks like a very scary pokemon. But it is a very strong fire type pokemon.


  • Number four in the best fire type pokemon is Arcanine. Arcanine is looked like a lion by color and body shape but its size is approximately equal to a dog. Arcanine is evolving from Growlithe. We saw both Growlithe and Arcanine with officer jenny in pokemon. Officer Jenny is a police officer in the pokemon series. Arcanine is a fire type pokemon its speed and power of the attack is good.


  • Rapidash is our last pokemon in the list of best fire type pokemon in the Kanto region. Repidash is a fire horse and mostly use for’s speed is very fast by comparison to other fire type pokemon. He had a single horn on its head. Fire cover all of his body. Rapidash is an evolving form of Ponyta. Rapidash usually can be seen casually cantering in the fields and plains. However, when this POKéMON turns serious, its fiery manes flare and blaze as it gallops its way up to 150 mph.

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