Top 5 Most Cutest Pokemon

Here We Come Again With The List Of Most Cutest Pokemon Ever. We Saw All Type Of Pokemon in Pokemon World In Which Some is Looking Dangerous and Some is Looking Very Cute. They Have Many Colours Like Black Green Blue White Red etc. Some are Very Powerful and Some are Less Powerful. When someone says us to choose the cutest pokemon then it will be a tough choice because there are so many of them but we trying to solve your problem threw this post.




When it comes to choosing the cutest pokemon then the first choice is Togepi. He has a tiny round body and very small eyes and hand. His body looks like the eggshell. Togepi is a mysterious pokemon no one no his real powers even the Pokedex. Togepi evolve in Togetic and after that, he evolves in Togekiss, all three state of him cutest one. Togepi is a Fairy type pokemon.



Our second most cutest pokemon is Skitty. Cat is always the cutest animal and when it is pink in color then he becomes most adorable pokemon. Skitty is a normal type pokemon which is evolving in Delcatty which are also most cutest pokemon. Skitty is a cat so he has a habit of chasing moving objects. The trainer said it is difficult to earn his trust. Skitty is extremely popular for its cute look and behavior.



Every one love turtles and when it is pokemon then it becomes cuter.Squirtle is a starter pokemon from the first generation. He has a light blue color and around shell on its back. Squirtle is a water type pokemon and he evolves in Wartortle and after that Blastoise Which is very strong pokemon. His strongest attack is a water gun.



An electric mouse with a yellow color makes him most adorable pokemon. He looks cute but he is more strong then his cuteness. Pikachu is Ash’s one of the strongest pokemon. Fan following of this pokemon is more than any of pokemon in the world. His latest released movie is Detective Pikachu.



When it comes to cute Pokemon, it’s pretty safe to say that Teddiurse is one of them. It looks like a Teddy bear. Teddiursa is a normal type pokemon. With small rounded eyes, rounded ears, and a marking of a crescent shape on its forehead, the furry Pokemon is totally adorable. Teddiursa also had an appearance in two Pokemon movies. Teddiursa is evolved in Ursaring which is very strong and big.


So tell us guys about our selection of MOST CUTEST POKEMON in comments.

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