Top 10 Most Famous Cartoons In India


  • My personal favorite cartoon in the list of the top 10 most famous cartoons in India is pokemon. Pokemon is a mixture of both comedy and action and it is taught us about friendship and adventures. In this cartoon, there is a pokemon named PIKACHU is the most famous cartoon character.


  • If we talk about the funniest cartoon ever then Tom and Jerry are on top that’s why we take Tom and jerry at number second in the list of Top 10 most famous cartoons in India. Tom and Jerry taught us about friendship and always do passionate about to achieve your goal.


  • Ninja Hattori is also most of the kid’s likable cartoon in India. A ninja who is helping his friend named Kenichi Mitsuba.Ninja Hattori’s enemy is Amara who is along with his cat named Keo. Kemuzo is also a Ninja and competitor of Ninja Hattori.Amara and Kenichi both like the same girl named Yumeko-chan and Ninja Hattori helping his friend in this and Amara always interfere between them. It is a very good cartoon to watch and it is a mixture of both comedy and action.


  • Doraemon is at number four in the list of most famous cartoons in India. It is very famous among children. Doraemon is a cat who came from the 22nd century. Doraemon has a closest friend his name is Nobita Nobi, they are best friends and Doraemon always helps Nobita by his gadgets. Doraemon has a pocket in which many gadgets are stored for every situation. Nobita likes a girl named Shizuka Minamoto. Nobita is afraid of a guy named Takeshi Gouda because he is physically strong in comparison to him.


  • Full of an action-packed cartoon that’s why we put Dragon ball z at number five. In this cartoon a person named Goku who along with his friends save Earth from the enemy. A person named Vegeta who is Goku’s companion in this at first they are an enemy but after that they become friends. Many enemies come to destroy the earth but every time Goku and his friends save the earth. He is a Saiyan and after that, he becomes super Saiyan and Vegeta is also a Saiyan prince. There are seven dragon balls in this cartoon when someone puts all balls together then a dragon appears and he completed one wish. This is one of the best cartoon I ever have seen you must watch this.

6.Ben Ten:

  • In the list of most famous cartoons in India, number 6 is Ben 10. It is also full of action based cartoon. In this, a boy named Ben Tennyson is found a watch and with the help of this watch, he changes himself into 10 Alliance. His cousin’s sister name Gwen Tennyson and they travel with his Grandfather Named Grandpa Max. A Vilgax named Alian wants that watch from Ben Tennyson.

7.Motu Patlu:

  • Motu Patlu is on number 7 on our list. This cartoon based on comedy. In this two friends motu and patlu always get into trouble and with the help of each other they always find a way to get over into the trouble. It teaches the power of true friendship. In this motu character always hungry and always wanted something to eat, and on the other hand, Patlu is just opposite to Motu he is very slim with comparison to Motu.


  • Shin Chan is also one of the most famous and funny cartoons. It is based upon a guy named Shin Chan. His hindi dubbed language the way he speaks is also very funny. Shin-chan is a very naughty child and always creates troubles for others.


  • Beyblade is on number nine in the most famous cartoons in India. It is one of the most adventures and most action-based cartoons. In this, the thing they called Beyblade is used for battle. Beyblade is getting famous among children after this cartoon.

10.Oggy and the Cockroaches:

  • The last cartoon in the list of Top 10 Most Famous cartoon is Oggy and the Cockroaches. This is also the funniest cartoon just like Tom and Jerry. In this, there are two brothers who live in a house where they are getting into trouble by Cockroaches and Oggy and his Brother want to catch them and threw out of his house but Cockroaches are also very intelligent they don’t want to get out from the house.

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